The Home Of Cheshire Cheese

Cheshire Cheese is sold at different ages and like all cheese, as it matures, its taste and texture will develop.

Young Cheshire is naturally bright and white in colour. It is a firm bodied cheese with a crumbly texture that breaks down easily in the mouth. It has a mild, milky taste and aroma and is clean on the palate with a very slightly tangy finish.

A red vegetable dye - annatto - is sometimes added to the milk to produce "coloured" Cheshire. Despite the difference in colour the taste and texture of the cheese is the same as its white cousin.

As Cheshire matures so it becomes firmer in texture and slightly darker in colour. The flavours become more complex but the cheese remains clean tasting with no hint of bitterness. The crumbly texture remains but the cheese has a drier mouth feel.

Blue Cheshire is also produced whereby an edible blue mould is added to the milk or the freshly made curd. The cheese is then sealed with cloth or other wrapping material and at about 5 weeks of age the cheese is pierced with stainless steel needles to allow air to enter the body of the cheeses. This activates the blue mould which then proceeds to break down the protein in the cheese and create the blue veins.

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