Cheese and Wine Pairings


The age old dilemma of which wine to pair with which cheese has been answered as the British Cheese Board and English Wine Producers join forces to match the perfect partners.

Britain produces over 700 varieties of cheese and there are now well over 300 vineyards in England. As we continue to demand locally sourced produce, it is the ideal time to discover the best that our country has to offer. Not only do wines and cheeses from the same area tend to enhance one another because they have been formed from the same soils and endured the same weathers, but buying British will cut down on food miles.

Julia Trustram Eve of the English Wine Producers says: “Breaking with traditional recommendations we would suggest that not all cheeses go well with red wine, although English reds do go particularly well with a vintage or farmhouse cheddar. Perhaps surprisingly, some of our deliciously aromatic dry and medium white wines genuinely complement many cheeses. As a rule of thumb we would suggest that the whiter the cheese the better it goes with white wines.”

Enjoy a dry white wine such as Three Choirs Parson’s Leap with a Farmhouse Red Leicester or a regional pairing such as Camel Valley ‘Cornwall’ Brut with Cornish Yarg. If you like a touch of oak in your white wine then perhaps try a glass of Denbies Coopers Brook with a Mature Cheddar such as Davidstow. Or if you are looking for some more unusual pairings then a glass of sparkling Chapel Down Century Extra Dry NV perfectly complements Blacksticks Blue or a creamy Shropshire Blue.

British cheese has also been gaining a huge number of supporters including Raymond Blanc, the master of French cuisine. Raymond told the British Cheese Board that: “The UK cheese industry represents the greatest agricultural victory in Britain and many British regional cheeses are of an exceptional standard and a triumph for Britain.”

The Ultimate British Cheese & Wine Pairings



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