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Cornish Yarg

Yarg Cornish Cheese is made near Truro in west Cornwall and it derives its name from Alan Gray (Gray spelt backwards), the original cheese maker.

Yarg is made in open vats using carefully selected milk from local farms.

The cheese is made to a Caerphilly style recipe and then wrapped in wild nettle leaves and naturally ripened for four weeks. The resulting cheese is young, fresh and bright. It is crumbly in the core and creamy under the rind. The nettle rind imparts a delicate mushroomy flavour and sets the cheese apart visually. Lynher Dairies also produce a Wild Garlic Yarg Cornish Cheese. The cheese is made to the same recipe but the wild garlic leaf rind delivers a subtle garlic flavour (quite unlike the flavour of bulb garlic) and a creamy texture quite different to the nettle covered Yarg.

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