Sussex Charmer

Twineham Grange farm in Sussex started making a Parmesan style cheese back in the early 1980s using locally produced raw milk delivered warm to the farm. The farm used genuine Italian cheesemaking equipment and even Italian Cheesemakers working to a genuine Italian recipe. The cheese was even taken back to Italy to mature. However, when the EU Protected Food Name scheme was introduced in the 1990s the dairy was forced to drop the use of the name Parmesan and instead renamed their Italian style hard cheese “Farmers Hand”. They then started to experiment with a cheese that was a cross between Cheddar and Parmesan and named it Sussex Charmer. This is a hard-pressed cheese matured for up to 1 year with the flavour profile matching perfectly the hybrid claim. The company has subsequently moved to a different location and is now called Bookham Harrison Foods.


The cheese is widely available throughout Sussex in farm shops and delis as welll as in selected Sainsbury stores in the South East.