Little Stars Pizzas


These pizza stars are wholesome and filling, and can be made in advance the night before. The healthy toppings can be mixed and matched to provide a tasty and nutritious lunch option.


Readymade pizza bases (or make your own wholemeal base)
1tsp tomato puree
30g finely grated Cheddar
½  pepper cut into strips/shapes
25g tinned pineapple cut into strips/shapes
Boiled broccoli florets


Cut the base into 4 star shaped mini-pizzas using cookie cutters.
Brush on the tomato puree and sprinkle on some oregano.
Decorate the star points with pepper/pineapple.
Sprinkle over the cheese.
Cook the mini-star pizzas for around 8-10 mins at 200C / Gas Mark 5. Add the broccoli florets 3 minutes before the pizzas are due to be taken out of the oven.
Allow the mini-stars to cool and pack them in the lunchbox chilled. Smaller children will probably have 2 pizzas, bigger children all four.