Vegetable Tower of Pisa

Vegetable Tower of Pisa. 


Serves 6 

Prep Time: 10 mins 

Cook Time: 20 mins 



6 slices ready made polenta, 

12 slices aubergine 

6 slices large tomatoes 

150g Double Gloucester Chives and Onion cheese, sliced 

Few salad leaves drizzled with oil 



1. Arrange the sliced polenta, aubergines and tomatoes on a large baking 

sheet. Brush with oil and grill them for 10 mins, making sure the 

aubergines do not burn.  

2. Remove from the grill. Now stack the polenta with a slice of aubergine 

the tomato and another slice of aubergine. Top each tower with a slice 

of cheese. 

3. Grill for 5 mins and serve garnished with a little dressed salad.